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By Catherine William, Head of Client Services

Account Management Article

Client demand for flexible workers is continuing to rise. Locum, agency and temp staff are now firmly embedded into everyday business requirements for healthcare providers across Australasia and beyond.

Our clients use flexible workers to cover annual leave, sick leave, vacant positions and at times of increased patient flow, to name a few.

Before engaging Litmus, we often find that clients are restricted by limited access to accurate data relating to their flexible workforce usage or spend. With extensive experience in the sector, we fully understand how easy it is for large public hospitals with multiple departments to lose sight of their staffing requirements and the amount of money spent on locums.  So, how does a Litmus account manager assist with ensuring that this element of your staffing requirement is controlled, trackable and aligned to the ways of working within your organisation?

Your Litmus account manager is responsible for the day-to-day administration of any vacancies submitted onto the Litmus platform and released to the numerous agencies. The role is pivotal as it is the conduit between the hospital departments and agencies, ensuring all compliance and credentialing requirements are received and approved and travel/accommodation are organised prior to locum commencement. Another crucial aspect of account management is to ensure that all agencies stay within budget and the correct approvals and escalation is captured and stored.  Your account manager is the central point of contact for all recruitment stakeholders and provides updates and solutions to challenging situations that may arise.

One of the significant benefits of having Litmus as a partner is having all your workforce data in one place, creating a single source of truth. We carry this single source approach through to the implementation of our account management to ensure a symbiotic relationship between people and technology. These processes allow internal department representatives and the Litmus team to closely monitor and manage a vacancy in one place and produce detailed monthly reporting and recommendations that are focused on efficiency and cost reduction.

Litmus takes a collaborative approach to the implementation of any of our solutions. We pride ourselves on our:

  • Provision of regular training to new users across both clients and agencies
  • Strong agency partnerships to deliver the best results to our clients
  • Industry expertise, keeping up to date with market trends in both recruitment and healthcare to offer best practice processes and to remain agile and ready to adapt to any industry shifts

Our clients’ needs are at the forefront of everything we do. We show this with the continuous improvement of recruitment technology, recommendations to improve workforce management and innovative ways to reduce cost.

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