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By Tristan Knights, Head of Solution Design

Do you use several different software solutions to manage your locum workforce? Based on our first-hand experience of the healthcare sector, the answer is often ‘yes’ – whether it be for onboarding, payroll, credentialing or any other aspect of the flexible workforce management process.

With every additional piece of software, the opportunity for inefficiency and needless time spent re-entering the same or similar information increases.

In addition to increased time spent adding information, there are a range of other factors negatively impacting overall efficiency:

ERRORS: The likelihood of errors occurring significantly increases every time information is re-entered into a new piece of software

WORKLOAD: Unnecessary, redundant tasks increase day-to-day workload

APATHY: Repetition of the same task reduces enthusiasm and promotes a lack of interest amongst employees

DETRACT: From the core and often more important responsibilities of your internal workforce

Staying competitive in today’s information landscape

The world of information sharing is nothing like we have experienced before. The pace of change is astronomical and those with the best systems, software and processes in place usually come out on top. In the case of healthcare, this has a direct effect on patient experience.

Efficient processes across all data management practices is imperative.

The ability to gather, store and access data is becoming increasingly more important. With the increase in remote working, businesses need to trust that their employees can access critical data whenever needed and be confident in the fact that this data is accurate.

When you have multiple applications collecting similar data that isn’t regularly cross-checked and quality checked, the ability to confidently report and interrogate data is compromised. This can lead to ill-informed decision making that can be extremely costly from both a financial and operational point of view.

Establishing a central source of truth

The Litmus solution consolidates all aspects of your flexible workforce management.

Through cutting-edge technology and years of healthcare experience and expertise, we support you to centralise your locum, temporary and agency staffing requirements into one single source of truth. Providing real-time insights and updates to the members of your organisation who need them most.

All information is easily accessible and accurate, resulting in an efficient and effective operating rhythm.

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