New Neutral Vendor Contract Awarded!

We are delighted to announce that Litmus has just won a new contract – as a Neutral Vendor Managed Service Provider for all staffing groups for Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP)

This is our first new contract via the new NHS Workforce Alliance Clinical and Healthcare Staffing framework (Lot 6 – Neutral Vendor Services) and we look forward to demonstrating the efficiency savings our teams can deliver.

CWP is a specialist provider of a range of healthcare services including mental health, learning disability, community physical health and all-age disability care, across a wide variety of clinic and community-based settings.

Litmus will be supporting the provision of high quality temporary clinical and non-clinical staff for CWP, via our large network of supply chain partners.  As a neutral vendor, we will not supply from our own resource pool, but will improve the control, safeguarding and visibility of the process, while driving efficiency savings for the Trust.

Proven results

On a recently published case study, we showcased the results Litmus delivered for East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust via a Neutral Vendor Managed Service, achieving an average fill of 97% and reducing rates for over 70% of bookings.

“We are proud that CWP has selected Litmus as their new temporary staffing partners and delighted to have the opportunity to prove how well our Neutral Vendor model works in practice, and our understanding of the challenges currently faced across community care settings in the region”

For more on the results we achieve on our NHS Neutral Vendor Managed Service contracts, such as a 97% fill rate, read our recent case study

Note: Litmus is also an approved supplier on the Workforce Alliance Staff Bank framework (Flexible Resource Pool – Staff Bank) which forms an extension to the existing CCS RM6158 Staff Bank framework.