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By Tristan Knights, Head of Solution Design, ANZ

Smarter workforce solutions

Do you feel you have sufficient visibility over your flexible workforce spend? Are you spending over the odds on this element of your staffing requirement? As the rise of healthcare professionals looking for a more flexible approach to their work-life balance increases, we are noticing ever more healthcare providers, hospitals and organisations looking to seize control over this dynamic workforce and gain greater visibility over both their agency spend and exactly who is providing care to patients.

Our data suggests that typical agency agreements are anywhere between 20% and 22%, ranging from supplier to supplier. This lack of unification and transparency cross-agency creates an unbalanced relationship between client and supplier, often going unnoticed and unquestioned until a level of urgency is presented, making it clear that spend levels are unnecessarily high and questions around who is providing care can’t be answered.

In a recent example, we were able to work in partnership with a client and their agency portfolio to generate a new fee structure of 13% for new locums and 10% for long duration vacancies (over six consecutive weeks), resulting in substantial savings for the organisation. Based on this change alone, across a 12-month period, the end saving would be in excess of $840k after the implementation of the Litmus platform.

As this trend continues and organisations are presented with the need to introduce a wider pool of agencies to supply flexible staff to alleviate the demand within facility, there is an apparent reduction in control over this process and increased spend levels on flexible staffing, often due to differing agreements and relationships with suppliers.

Through a powerful combination of people, processes and technology, Litmus can drastically reduce agency spend and empower you and your teams through greater visibility of your flexible workforce.

With 30+ years’ experience and a global client base, there is a great opportunity to utilise Litmus data to reduce fees across the board and bring the supplier chain into harmony with one single agreement. Through numerous implementations of the Litmus solution there are several factors that greatly improve both spend and control, while also simplifying the complete process for exec teams and end-users alike. We have boiled these down to three key elements; consistency, transparency and cooperation, while also appreciating the wider complexities and moving parts of any organisation providing care.

In the interest of transparency and cooperation, this involves engaging both the client and the agencies to reach an agreement that is mutually acceptable, finalising with a rejuvenated fee structure that is then rolled out across all agencies, ensuring consistency in spend and improved tracking abilities.

Litmus can facilitate a truly efficient and cost saving solution within your organisation through a data driven, technologically advanced and patient and user centric approach to flexible workforce management.

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